We are currently running a variety of Music Technology courses which include our new S2 Music Technology course, National 4, National 5 and NPA.  We are in the process of introducing a Music Technology element in the S3 course.



One of the skills that the young people learn in the Music Technology course is called FOLEY.  This is when sound effects are recorded and added into films and videos to enhance the sound.  Our National 5 candidates recorded the sounds and selected samples, and then added them into a short film.  Here is an example of a finished project created by one of our S6 candidates Samanta Birnieze.


"The Music Technology Courses enable learners to develop skills in the use of music technology hardware and software to capture and manipulate audio, and to use music technology creatively in sound production. The Course also enables learners to analyse a range of 20th and 21st century musical styles and genres, and to develop a broad understanding of the music industry."


*please note that unlike the other Music courses there is NO performing element in the Music technology course.

For more information on all of the Music technology courses please visit the SQA page link below:

SQA Music Technology